Business Partners

At AmeriSoftPro Systmes, we deliver end-to-end solutions to our customers. To do this, we evaluate the global IT environment and identify key players -- those companies that we believe provide the best technology solutions and products in their class. We look for companies that have a clear vision, a strong management team, and a distinct competitive advantage. Our partners' innovative solutions combined with our Global Delivery Service and commitment mean a win-win situation for both companies and most importantly to our customers. Together, we provide our customers with the IT systems they need to increase profits, retain customers, and gain a competitive advantage.

AmeriSoftPro Systems is partnered with companies offering the best technology solutions and products in their class.

  • Kofax Ascent Capture Software

    Kofax Ascent Capture Software

    Kofax Ascent Capture is the industry leading document and data capture system on the market today. Ascent Capture is the ideal solution for low-end jobs to the most complex, highest volume document and content system applications. Ascent Capture delivers powerful, production-level document and data capture with OCR for machine print, ICR for handwriting, OMR for check marks and bar codes. It enables you to move email, word processing files, photos, web forms, XML streams and more through the same powerful indexing and validation process.

  • New Jersey Technology Council

    New Jersey Technology Council

    The New Jersey Technology Council provides business support, networking opportunities, information, advocacy and recognition of technology companies and their leaders. Founded in 1996, NJTC's more than 1,200 member companies work together to support their own enterprises while advancing New Jersey's status as a leading technology center in the United States.

  • IBM Software and Products

    IBM Software and Products

    As an IBM Business Partner the AmeriSoftPro System is authorized to offer our clients the full range of IBM™ products.Our IBM Certified specialists can architect, develop, implement and deploy the IBM softwares, further integrate existing legacy equipment whenever possible.

    As a technology and business solutions provider, AmeriSoftPro System helps corporate, government, academic and not-for-profit organizations improve human productivity, manage information, manage transactions and manage technology with IBM software.



    Cognos - the world's leading provider of Enterprise BI and Enterprise Planning solutions, with over a million users worldwide. As the world's largest and most successful vendor of enterprise business intelligence (BI) solutions, Cognos plays a mission-critical role in making their customers successful. As a partner of Cognos, AmeriSoftPro Systems enables industry-leading companies to experience the benefits of a real-time reporting enterprise, that is, an infrastructure and culture that can instantaneously monitor corporate performance, respond to business changes and model future outcomes.

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